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welcome to Syd + Em, a professionally unprofessional design studio.

Welcome to S+E, a design studio created by unprofessional, graphic design loving, blog authors who strive to help others prepare unique, professional-looking designs or a design for WordPress blogs or websites! We also provide you with the following…

involvement in every step of the way. We can personally promise that while in the process of the designing, we’re here to let you know about everything including the process and what opinions you might have.

personal connection. Syd + Em respects your opinion. We also will ask you before doing anything. Your personal opinion matters most in this process!

designs planned to meet your needs. This studio complies with what you want. We respect your opinion and give you our ideas to plan them for your needs.

We can pretty much create any type of design you’d like. We’ve designed anything from desktop wallpapers, to sidebar widgets, to blog buttons! If you have any specific requests, please let us know!

Our studio has helped design many different blog designs/graphics for bloggers you might know! And, since we both actually have blogs and blogging experience we can tell you that 99% of bloggers (including us) will follow a website the second we see it just because it looks clean and eye-catching. Syd + Em can help you with that.

So, if that got you interested in collaborating with this studio to design your blog, website, or any graphics you might want, please be sure to contact us through the contact form below. If you’d like to keep your email private, we can contact you through your blog. Please, comment below if you’d like to do so!

Don’t forget to check out our portfolio page! And check out some of our blogs while you’re at it! ❤

Thanks a million!

*NOTE: we have the right to refuse service to anyone! please beware of your words and actions, please! 🙂

contact us

yours very truly,


sydney (@theweeklyadventurer), and emily (@eminthesun)


28 thoughts on “start here.

      • I’m so so sorry to ask, and you by no means have to, but could you please make a signoff as well? If this is too big an ask don’t worry about it! Rhi xx
        Also, if you need my theme I’m currently using Gateway. Yeah. Bye now!

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      • oh, sorry… I just wanted to ask. were you okay with me using the colors on your blog already? or maybe a specific color you had in mind? also, did you want pretty music notes in the theme for the designs? I was thinking it would look cute because of your blog name. or, if you want, any other types of clipart you would want? thanks so much! we just want it to look how you would want it.


      • aww, thank you for checking! Will definitely be recommending you guys on my blog! Colours on my blog would be great, quavers (If you don’t know musical terms – which is fine! – this is like those little notes all connected at the top!) would 100% work and maybe instead of a Circe at the bottom a mini-marshmallow? Could that be okay? You both are so professional and sweet, thank you so much for checking!

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      • you’re so welcome! ❤ ooh, that would be so cute!! okay, of course! aw, shanks. I can't wait to see them finished. how would you like us to send them to you? just wondering! xo


      • another thing, (I’m so sorry for all the questions! I just want to make sure you’re okay with everything.) would you be okay with making your background for the blog plain white? so the images are popping out? if you know what I mean. I don’t explain that well. XD I finished most of the designs, but I wanted to know what kind of side-bars you’d want? last thing, how would you like me to send them to you? I still have to get confirmation with Em and have her see if she likes the designs. 🙂 thanks so much, Rhiana!


      • Definitely! You guys are the design experts here! About the sending, I will put up a contact box (I’m not sure if I have one, if you could leave a comment letting me know when you’ve sent it then I’ll take it down! If the images don’t go up immediately I’m so sorry, but I promise they’ll go up within the week! Thanks so much for doing this!
        With the sidebars, just something simple that ties into the theme with the header. Thanks!

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    • Hello Rhiana!! I just saw this and I’m so excited to get started!! We can send you the designs through the contact box on your blog, I think… hopefully it will work 🙂

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  1. Hiii! I’ve seen the graphics you guys have made and they are oh-so amazing. They are so beautiful that I’ve decided to ask you guys to help me with a new header, button, sign off, icon, and er I’m-not-sure-yet 😛 They will be revealed during my one year blogging anniversary in July, but I’m asking you in advance because I’ll be taking a hiatus for who-knows-how-long so I dunno if I’ll have enough time to get it ready after my hiatus. Anyway, I’ll get back to you guys with my colours, size, shape, etc. once I’m ready!

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