Here is our list of options for design. This page coincides with our Order a Design page, for your convenience if you are unaware of our exclusive designing options. However, this excludes our options for book covers. We have separate options on the Order a Cover page. Please contact us if you had any other questions of concerns.

communication options

We can communicate with you through three different options. We’ve provided you with three in case your email is to be kept private.

Via Email

If you are willing to use your email for this purpose, this option is the easiest way to communicate and also easiest to attach your design files to send to you. All conversations are kept private within the email. However, if you are certain about keeping your email private, we have other options!

Via This Site

This option includes communicating through a password protected post created on this blog. From there, we can communicate to you through the comments with updates, and etc. All of the design files will be pasted onto the post for you to look over and comment on.

NOTE: This password protected post will only be available to you and the designers. It will be kept private.

Via Your Site

If you are not willing to communicate with the above options, we have another way! We can also communicate with you via Your Site. If you have a contact page or another page we are able to contact you with the files to your designs, so you are able to look them over and send us any suggestions to be made, we can cooperate with you through your site.

additional services

We have additional services to comply to you. If you are needing of a specific service, you are welcome to tick off one of these services, or leave them blank if you would like to continue regularly.

complete and customized design service

This service includes everything. We do absolutely everything for you. Starting from adding images to your blog media for the finished design, creating the color scheme and font designing options, and everything in between. However, if you trust us enough, we require you to add us as admins on your site. We guarantee no harm to your site, and if you see us doing so, you may delete us permanently off the site and report us.

quick design service

This service requires nothing from you. Our main purpose with this service is to make things as quick and productive as possible, by taking your opinion and creating a design based off of it. Within about 1-2 weeks we will have your design ready, and you’re free to receive it, or reject it.

elements for design

We can design the following elements for your site.

Full blog design (which includes everything below.)

Color scheme (if you don’t have one already)

Theme fonts (we have over hundreds of fonts you can choose from if you haven’t decided on your main accent/or theme fonts.)





Sidebar widgets (specified)



Page header graphics



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